Website Development Highlights...

Hi, I'm Barbara - website developer & designer

Clean, easy-to-navigate pages: What do your customers need from you? We'll highlight those needs, and make it easy to find information important to them.

Ability for YOU to change portions of your site on demand: Once your website is created, will you want to update various pieces of text, change or add pictures, or maybe change colors? You will be given a simple admin program with a username and password that allows you to update on demand - no learning curve involved!

Data collection: Do you need to collect information from your customers? This may be as simple as gathering name and email info, or more complicated, such as allowing them to set up appointments on your calendar and marking the slot as filled.

Interactive features: These can be fun. If your screen real estate is crowded you may want to include a slide show of your work. What about allowing your customer to figure prices? Do you want anything to move as visitors mouse over it. See fun stuff.

Blogs: do you want the viewers to your site to know what you're thinking over time? Do you want them to write back and have an ongoing discussion?

I'm friendly. You'll like working with me!